America Invents Act

Source for information and real time news on implementation of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act

America Invents Act Calendar

Every 2 yrs.Study Report DeadlineMisconduct before the Office
16-Sep-15Study Report DeadlineImplementation of the AIA
16-Sep-14Study Report DeadlineVirtual Marking
30-Sep-14Study Report DeadlineSatellite Offices
16-Mar-13Effective DateRepeal of Statutory Invention Registration
16-Mar-13Effective DateFirst-Inventor-to-File
16-Mar-13Effective DateDerivation Proceeding
5-Nov-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineFirst-Inventor-to-File
5-Nov-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineFee Setting Authority
16-Sep-12Effective DateCitation of Prior Art and Written Statements
16-Sep-12Effective DatePreissuance Submissions by Third Parties
16-Sep-12Effective DateIntentor's Oath or Declaration
16-Sep-12Effective DatePost-Grant Review
16-Sep-12Effective DateSupplemental Examination
16-Sep-12Effective DateTransitional Program for Covered Business Method Patents
16-Sep-12Effective DateInter Partes Review
16-Sep-12Effective DatePriority Examination for Important Technologies
16-Sep-12Ending DateInter Partes Reexamination Threshold
16-Sep-12Study Report DeadlineEffects of First-to-File on Small Businesses
16-Sep-12Study Report DeadlinePatent Litigation
6-Sep-12NPRMs PublishedFee Setting Authority
30-Aug-12Final Rules Effective DateOED Statute of Limitations
14-Aug-12Final Rules PublishedIntentor's Oath or Declaration
14-Aug-12Final Rules PublishedSupplemental Examination
14-Aug-12Final Rules PublishedPost-Grant Review
14-Aug-12Final Rules PublishedInter Partes Review
14-Aug-12Final Rules PublishedTransitional Program for Covered Business Method Patents
6-Aug-12Final Rules PublishedCitation of Prior Art and Written Statements
31-July-12Final Rules PublishedOED Statute of Limitations
26-July-12NPRMs PublishedFirst-Inventor-to-File
17-July-12Final Rules PublishedPreissuance Submissions by Third Parties
30-May-12NPRMs PublishedMicro Entities
10-Apr-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineInter Partes Review
10-Apr-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineTransitional Program for Covered Business Method Patents
10-Apr-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlinePost-Grant Review
10-Apr-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineDerivation Proceeding
25-Mar-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineSupplemental Examination
5-Mar-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlinePreissuance Submissions by Third Parties
5-Mar-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineCitation of Prior Art and Written Statements
5-Mar-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineOED Statute of Limitations
6-Mar-12Proposed Rules Comment DeadlineIntentor's Oath or Declaration
16-Jan-12Study Report DeadlinePrior User Rights
14-Jan-12Study Report DeadlineInternational Protection for Small Businesses
15-Nov-11Effective DateElectronic Filing Incentive
26-Sep-11Effective Date15% Transition Surcharge
26-Sep-11Effective DatePrioritized Examination
16-Sep-11Effective DateFee Setting Authority
16-Sep-11Effective DateHuman Organism Prohibition
16-Sep-11Effective DateMicro Entities
16-Sep-11Effective DateOED Statute of Limitations
16-Sep-11Effective DateBest Mode
16-Sep-11Effective DateTax Strategies Deemed Within Prior Art
16-Sep-11Effective DateInter Partes Reexamination Threshold